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Welcome in PM-Metalli

For many years, PM Metalli has been offering business solutions in order to satisfy its clients varied and specific demands. Our offer includes semi-finished products, extrusion, milling and welding obtained from non-iron metals such as aluminium, brass, bronze and copper in all commercial sizes.
Our capacity is not only limited to the business side but also extends to processing. Our state of the art equipment places us number one in the market for made to measure cuttings. In addition our highly qualified staff is very knowledgeable in different market leader suppliers strengths, which allows us to identify who is the most suitable to respond to clients special demands.
Our vast experience, the extensive network of contacts built resulting from many years operating in the sector and the trust placed in us by principal suppliers operating on a global basis has allowed us to present a wide range of products. We specialise in types of jobs not easily found in the traditional supplier sources.
In addition we can guarantee a constant stock of materials, high product quality level, rapid and controlled client services and convenient prices.


The client comes first

Our client’s demands are our primary concern. That’s why we’re always alert to innovations, to the possibilities of improving our services and products and the search for new solutions at a technical and business levels. We are not satisfied solely knowing our work. In addition we acquire experience related to the use of our products and the strength of our suppliers, to be able to accompany you in each step of the production path and be able to always offer exactly what you are looking for.
We take your requirements seriously: our consultants are always close by to examine your demands and to find the best way to satisfy them. We may offer you calibrated products based on specific processing requirements, offer personalised solutions and reply thanks to the flexibility of our transportation system. In fact our logistics sector is organized is such a way as to be able to guarantee short delivery times and more high material availability. The result is a very high service level, offered at very competitive prices.

Our history at your service

The company PM Metalli s.r.l. was founded in 1988, but it dates back many years before, with a great experience acquired by its founding partners in the aluminium sector.
A vast knowledge in all manufacturing aspects and all user production applications made PM Metalli one of the few companies capable of offering calibrated services, based on competition and an excellent customer relationship.
The high quality achieved allowed the company to rapidly gain the confidence of some of the most important suppliers at an international level.
As a result, in the last 20 years, the company has been seen to be following a continuous upward path of expansion, which includes not only staff but also the structure and industrial organization.

2023 – Environmental Management System and Environmental Product Declarations’ course

Management system in accordane to EN ISO 9001:2015

TUV ISO 9001
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