Cast slabs

Milled plates

Exturded and drawn bars

Aluminum disks


Aluminum is the core business of PM-Metals.
The company has specialized in the marketing of cast plates milled or cutted in 5083 alloy, 5083 (HO), 7021 T79 and in the sale of laminated plates in alloy 6082, 5083, 7075.
PM S.p.A. has a wide stock of bars extruded and drawn in alloy 6082, 6026, 2011 and 7075.
To complete its offer PM S.p.A. has developed an specialized Area for the production of aluminum discs with a diameter up to 2.5 meters and 500 mm thickness .

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Cast plates 5083 Aluniversal milled
Alloy 7021 T79 Cast aluminum paltes – best for tools and molds
5083 Slabs furnished in an H0 (annealed) and homogenized state
Drawn and extruded bars – Aluminum disks