“Experience and professionalism at the service of the customer in order to guarantee full satisfaction”.

Our company’s priority objective is the complete satisfaction of the customer’s needs and requests, so that the service offered becomes for the latter a guarantee of reliability.

In order to achieve this objective, we provide the customer with our expertise in the field of metal cutting and machining, as well as product quality.

We consider the organisation of internal activities and processes according to the approach defined by the quality management system in UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 to be fundamental in this respect.

In this context, the Management and Leadership support the conviction that the organisation model defined by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard is the correct model to follow in terms of carrying out a careful analysis of the way of operating, defining the methods for monitoring all phases of company activities and describing organisational practices.

The Management undertakes to comply with the requirements of the aforementioned norms and standards and to disseminate their principles within the company through the communication of this Integrated Policy.

In particular, the “mission” is pursued through:

  • The participation of the leadership in the first person in advancing and taking charge of the management of the quality system;
    attention to innovation, to the possibilities of improving services and products, to the search for new solutions both at a technical and commercial level;
    compliance with current laws and regulations;
  • constant investment in innovation and new technologies, to be applied both at the level of machines and systems present in the company and at the level of materials, in order to offer customers a wide range of products and to be able to keep up with our competitors;
  • continuous growth through investments and implementations also in the working environment and improvement of the company organisation;
    continuous attention to customer requirements by providing a quality product and offering a service that is attentive to the needs of the parties involved;
    flexibility by offering products tailored to specific processing problems and customised solutions;
  • careful choice of suppliers, to be made from those that are considered the main ones in order to provide the customer with a quality product that is safe and suited to specific processing requirements;
  • Strong involvement and empowerment of personnel as a key factor in the company’s success;
  • establishment of partnerships with suppliers, also for the development of materials with a strong innovative and technological value;
    Timeliness of deliveries thanks to our capillary transport service throughout the territory;

The starting point for the implementation of these policies was identified in the pursuit of the following objectives

  • empowerment of personnel at all levels to maintain the efficiency of process management and guarantee the quality of their work;
    flexibility, ductility, speed and continuous research to satisfy any type of request from our customers and stakeholders;
  • focus on product quality also through the setting up of controls on incoming materials, during cutting and the preparation of shipments;
    identifying and managing internal non-conformities;
  • improving the economy of the production process by maintaining efficient means of transport and cutting machinery;
    guaranteeing growth in turnover by optimising processes and increasing the volume of products sold;
  • improve the quality of supplies by aiming to choose reliable suppliers and organising a periodic performance evaluation system, also based on the monitoring of non-conformities attributable to them;
  • application of the PDCA methodology:
    Plan: plan, establish the objectives and processes necessary to achieve results in accordance with the customer’s requirements and the organisation’s policies.
    Do: implement processes.
    Check: monitor and measure the processes and the product produced by analysing and comparing the results.
    Act: take action for continuous improvement and standardise.

It is therefore necessary to ensure the quality of what we do by means of continuous improvement in order to aspire to and achieve a product and service quality objective, all in full compliance with workplace safety and environmental protection regulations.

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