Band saw machines

The cutting department has 4 band saw machine, two horizontal and two vertical.
the horizontals have a blade of respectively 54 mm (rotatable for vertical cut) and  80 mm for high speed cutting.
Max cutting width is 2600 mm and amx length aupt to 8 mt.

Circular disk saw machine

We have 4 ciruclar disk saw machines of Schelling, market leader, for cutting rolled paltes and cast slabs: cutting capacity up to 6 mt length and 250 mm high, equipped with revolving cargo plan, blade projectionof 130 mm.Speed from 15 metres per minute to 2 metres per minute, according to finishing requirements. Cut tolerance: 0.1 mm over 3 m length 0.05 mm over 100 mm thickness.

Band saw machine specific for disks

PM S.p.A. has two saw machines designed according to our specifications for the production of aluminium disks with max diameter capacity up to 2,5 mt and thickness 500 mm.

Small saws for bars

As complement to the cutting department PM S.p.A. have two small saw machines for cast and extruded bars, with high cutting velocity and a cutting capacity up to diameters of 700 mml.